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Arakawa Ken'ichi

荒川 憲一

Arakawa Ken'ichi荒川 憲一
こもろ たつやKomoro Tatsuya
Thomas Brown
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Arakawa Ken'ichi is a Japanese composer. He got his start composing for PC-88 doujin music disks, much like many of his contemporaries. He started his game composition for Nakamura Ken'ichirou's doujin circle MIN where he used the alias Thomas Brown. When MIN incorporated as Silence he composed under his real name, while he used the alias TOMAZO for titles from their main adult brand, Sogna, as well as for their other adult brand C-Class. During this time he also did composition for other companies, including C-Lab, Fairy Dust, Jaleco, Movic, Sega, and Studio Twinkle (where he used the alias Komoro Tatsuya).

After leaving Silence (he may actually still have worked for Silence, I need to check this for sure), he did some work for a number of other companies, namely SofthouseChara, where he composed with his long time composition rival, Kajihara Masahiro, whom he had previously worked with on C-Lab and Studio Twinkle titles, and who's doujin circle published his doujin disks. He also worked on some Actress, AniSeed, Prima, Raziel, and Ripe games.

Later he went to work for Success where he stayed for several years. His latest activity was part of the now defunct doujin circle GeOnDan of which other famous composers such as Hosoe Shinji and Umemoto Ryuu also were part of.

Despite having an alias "Komoro Tatsuya / Tetsuya", he is not the anime composer who shares his alias, Komoro Tatsuya (小諸 たつや).
Lime Light1989ComposerThomas BrownPC-8801 ver.
SD Toki no Kagi1989ComposerThomas BrownOpening jingle (PC-88 ver.)
Réserve1990ComposerThomas Brown
Ginsei Senshin Guynarock1991-05-20ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
Vision 21991-11-10ComposerThomas Brown
Réserve 1/21991ComposerThomas Brown
Vision1991ComposerThomas Brown
Minimum Guynarock1992-05-08ComposerThomas Brown
Kikou Soushin Val-Kaizer1992-07-31ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
Ginsei Senshin Guynarock 21992-12-11ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
Himitsu Chouhou Buin - 00Nanako-chan1992ComposerThomas Brown
Animahjong V31993-02-26ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
Houma Hunter Lime Dai 01 Wa1993-06-10ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
Houma Hunter Lime Dai 02 Wa1993-07-09ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
Houma Hunter Lime Dai 03 Wa1993-08-06ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
Houma Hunter Lime Dai 04 Wa1993-09-10ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
Houma Hunter Lime Dai 05 Wa1993-10-09ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
Houma Hunter Lime Dai 06 Wa1993-11-10ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
Houma Hunter Lime Dai 07 Wa1993-12-10ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
Himitsu Chouhou Buin - 00Nanako-chan 21993ComposerThomas BrownBGM, PC-9801, PC OP composition
Houma Hunter Lime Dai 08 Wa1994-01-10ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
Houma Hunter Lime Dai 09 Wa1994-02-10ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
Houma Hunter Lime Dai 10 Wa1994-03-10ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
Houma Hunter Lime Dai 11 Wa1994-04-11ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
Houma Hunter Lime Dai 12 Wa1994-05-20ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
Animahjong X1994-09-14ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
Lemon Angel1995-07-21ComposerTomachan
ACE OF SPADES1995-12-07ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
Exciting Milk Dai 1 Wa1996-02-01ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
Grounseed1996-06-07ComposerKomoro Tatsuya
Viper-BTR ~Mahou no Tobakushi Totokaru☆Chomi~1996-07-05ComposerTOMAZO
Viper-CTR ~Asuka~1997-01-24ComposerTOMAZO
Exciting Milk Dai 2 Wa1997ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
My☆Sister ~Sweet Gemini~1999-12-10ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
Koiyoubi2000-04-25ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
Osananajimi2000-10-13ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
Shirasagi no Naku Koro ni2000-12-08ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
Love Love Teatime2001-05-11ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
Kairyuu no Uzu2001-08-10ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
Disgrace2001-10-12ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
Immoral Emotion2002-06-28ComposerArakawa Ken'ichiBGM, OP composition, arrangement
Gunsister2002-11-29ComposerArakawa Ken'ichiBGM, OP
Brown Doori Sanbanme2003-03-28ComposerArakawa Ken'ichi
Level Justice2003-12-12ComposerArakawa Ken'ichiBGM