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Amber Barile

Amber Barile

American voice actress.

Voiced characters (9)

Dawn Drop: Radiant BeginningsunknownAllison LeireinaAmber Barile
Sounds of Her Love2017-03-09Ceridwen ErwoodAmber Barile
Sounds of Her Love ~We'll always be together~2018-03-09Ceridwen ErwoodAmber Barile
Caladria Chronicles2018-12-25Nerisu HimenomiyaAmber Barile
Bloody Chronicles - New Cycle of Death2019-04-15Nanako MinaseAmber Barile
Chemically Bonded2019-11-30Naomi SatōAmber Barile
Snowdrop2020-12-23LilahAmber Barile
Lisistrata2021LisistrataAmber Barile
Thawing FeelingsTBAMarie CadwellAmber Barile