Yonemura Takahiro

米村 高広

Yonemura Takahiro米村 高広 
Kaijin Rauch快人 Rauch
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Yonemura Takahiro is a Japanese composer. He started his composing career making PC-88 and PC-98 music disks for his doujin circle Firecracker. His first commercial work was composing music for Tenshindo under the name Kaijin Rauch. He also did a small amount of work on sound effects for Ponytail Soft.

He also worked for TGL, starting with making sound effects, but later becoming a main composer, especially for their eroge brand Giga. After TGL, he composed for Visual Art's brand Zero, again under the name Kaijin Rauch.

Then he went on to work for Leaf, where he composed for several titles, before returning to Visual Art's to compose for PlayM and G-clef.


Martial Age1992-03-27ComposerKaijin RauchBGM arrangement, sound effects
Yougen Doumu1993-04-13ComposerYonemura TakahiroSound effects
Kyouko no Ijiwaru!! ~Hachamecha Daishingeki~1994-07-15ComposerYonemura TakahiroSound effects
Jinn ~Eien no Yuushi~1994-09-02ComposerKaijin RauchBGM, sound effects
Goice1994-12-15ComposerKaijin RauchBGM, sound effects
Briganty ~The Roots of Darkness~1995-10-27ComposerYonemura TakahiroBGM, sound effects
Harlem Blade ~The Greatest of All Time.~1996-04-26ScenarioYonemura TakahiroClim, Torte, Shake
Harlem Blade ~The Greatest of All Time.~1996-04-26ComposerYonemura TakahiroBGM, OP composition, arrangement, sound effects
Harlem Blade ~The Greatest of All Time.~1996-04-26StaffYonemura TakahiroScript assistant
Waver ~The Seeker 2~1996-07-12ComposerKaijin RauchBGM, sound effects
Mitsuryouku1997-08-08ComposerKaijin Rauch
For Season ~Meguriyuku Kisetsu no Naka de~1998-09-25StaffChemoolScenario script assistant
Oniichan to Issho1999-04-23ComposerYonemura Takahiro
Comic Party1999-05-28ComposerYonemura TakahiroBGM, sound effects (Dreamcast)
Stay With... ~Karen ga Kureta Kisetsu~1999-06-11ComposerKaijin RauchSound effects
Stay With... ~Karen ga Kureta Kisetsu~1999-06-11StaffKaijin RauchScript creation, sound editing
Inagawa de Ikou!!2000-01-28ComposerYonemura TakahiroBGM, sound effects
Magical☆Antique2000-04-28ComposerYonemura TakahiroOP, BGM, sound effects
Tasogare2001-02-09ComposerYonemura TakahiroBGM, sound effects
Utawarerumono2002-04-26ComposerYonemura TakahiroBGM, sound effects
Realize2004-04-23ComposerYonemura TakahiroSound effects
Fake/Ever Since2004-08-15ComposerYonemura Takahiro
Omamagoto ~Himitsu no Yuugi, Mama ni Naisho~2005-07-29ComposerChemoolBGM
Rei-Nana2006-12-22ComposerChemoolSound effects, BGM arrangement