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Shinmei Kenji

新明 謙二

Shinmei Kenji新明 謙二
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Shinmei Kenji (better known as Kenji) is a programmer, who participated in the founding of Studio Twinkle, Black Package, and Edge Co., Ltd..

He was originally employed by Kirara, when he was only 17 years old, but then left with several staff to Discovery. On the side, he worked on games from Birdy Soft and Orange House.

After internal disputes at Discovery, he and several Birdy Soft staff (whom he knew from Kirara) founded Studio Twinkle. Around the time of Bunretsu Shugoshin Twinkle Star, there was conflict within the company, which lead to Kenji leaving and returning to Discovery.

In 1995, he and several other staff (namely Donovan) left and founded Black Package, and Edge Co., Ltd. in 1996, where he still works to this day.
LIPSTICK. ADV X680001988-10-15StaffKakeraSub program
Can Can Bunny1989-07ScenarioKenjiOnly part of the scenario
Koroshi no Dress 21989-09-12StaffKenjiProgram (name input routine) (Uncredited)
Hare Nochi Oosawagi!1989-10StaffKakeraOpening/ending program (PC98)
Hare Nochi Oosawagi!1989-10StaffShinmei KenjiOpening/ending program (PC98)
LIPSTICK. ADV21989-12StaffKenjiProgram
Sailor Fuku Senshi Felis1990-01-28StaffShinmei KenjiProgram (Uncredited)
Review -Jashin Fukkatsu-1990-11StaffKenjiMain program
Artemis1991-07-12StaffKenjiSpecial thanks
Sweet Emotion1991-07-20StaffKenjiProgram
Present1991-10-17StaffKenjiMain program
Pleria - The Royal Emblem1992-08StaffKakeraProgram
Mirage 2 - Torry x Neat x Roan no Daibouken1994-03-09StaffKenjiSystem, application program
Rondo1995-04-28StaffKenjiProgram, producer
Frontier1995-08-25StaffKenjiProgram, planning, producer
Kara no Naka no Kotori1996-02-29StaffKenjiProducer, programmer
Get!1996-09-13StaffKenjiProgram, producer
Ekudorado ~Kagami no Naka no Oukoku~1997-02-14StaffKenjiProgram, card system
Himitsu2002-03-15StaffKenjiSystem programming
I-ke-na-i ♥ Oshigoto2002-12-13StaffKenjiPlanning, draft, program