Donmaru is a Japanese composer and arranger, mostly producing music for adult games. He works for Visual Art's.


Little Busters!2007-07-27StaffDonmaruSpecial thanks
Boin Shimai no Kojin Jugyou2008-04-25ComposerDonmaruBGM
Haramase King2008-09-26ComposerDonmaru
Chikan Sen'you Sharyou 2 ~Houfuku no Chijoku Densha~2009-04-24ComposerDonmaru
Angel Magister2009-07-24ComposerDonmaru
Shiina Miyu no Chitai Sen'you Gakuen2010-02-26ComposerDonmaru
Hime Kenshi Estel -Haramase King 2-2010-08-27ComposerDonmaru
Noblelige!2011-01-25StaffDonmaruPlanning assistance
Gakuen Taima! Holy x Moly2011-06-24ComposerDonmaruBGM, OP
Rewrite2011-06-24StaffDonmaruSound production
Hatsukoi 1/12012-06-29ComposerDonmaruBGM, Insert song
Sei Shoujo ~Seido Ikusei Gakuen~2013-07-26ComposerDonmaru
Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai2014-07-25ComposerDonmaruBGM, OP, Marika image song, Marika ED
Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai2014-07-25StaffDonmaruSound director
Holy Breaker! -The Witch Betrayed Blue Moon Wicca.-2014-12-28ComposerDonmaruBGM, OP composition, ED
Enkou Shoujo ~Rikujoubu Yukki no Baai~2015-05-29ComposerDonmaru
Holy Breaker! 2 -The Wish In The Night Of The Star Talers.-2015-12-29ComposerDonmaruBGM, OP composition
Gin'iro, Haruka2016-08-26ComposerDonmaruBGM, OP composition
Enkou Shoujo 2 ~JK Idol Marin no Baai~2017-11-24ComposerDonmaruBGM, OP
Summer Pockets2018-06-29ComposerDonmaruBGM, BGM "Summer Avantube", ED
Tsuki no Kanata de Aimashou2019-06-28ComposerDonmaruBGM, OP, Music production