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Aizawa Atsuko

あいざわ あつこ

Aizawa Atsukoあいざわ あつこ
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Aizawa Atsuko is a Japanese freelance author as well as a scenario and voice acting director. Her work involves a broad range of mediums such as games, drama CDs, novels and light novels; targeted towards both all-ages and adult female audiences.
Romeo VS Juliet2013-08-22ScenarioAizawa AtsukoRomeo, Escalus, Mercutio, Benvolio routes
Romeo VS Juliet2013-08-22StaffAizawa AtsukoOP lyrics (partial)
Taishou Kitan2013-12-19ScenarioAizawa AtsukoIzawa Omi route
Romeo & Juliet2014-03-27ScenarioAizawa AtsukoMain writer
Romeo & Juliet2014-03-27DirectorAizawa Atsuko
Black Code2014-06-26ScenarioAizawa AtsukoMain writer
Black Code2014-06-26DirectorAizawa Atsuko