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Ongaku no Tamago


Ongaku no Tamago音楽の卵
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Ongaku no Tamago (a.k.a. "Ontama"; おんたま), based in Tokyo, is a Japanese royalty-free music website on which its compositions by owner and operator takai are uploaded.

Credits (16)

Houkago no Ban'yuu Inryoku2014-09-07ComposerOngaku no Tamago
Shisumemo2016-05-30ComposerOngaku no TamagoBGM
Ayafuya Hypnotica2017-09-09ComposerOngaku no TamagoRoyalty-free BGM
Toga no Mori2018-08-10ComposerOngaku no TamagoBGM
Clown Works Kyojitsu Gairon 4 Shou2019-06-15ComposerOngaku no Tamago
Kanojo to no Paimomi Seikatsu2019-09-11ComposerOngaku no Tamago
Soukan Paradox2019-09-13ComposerOngaku no Tamago
Shichiya no Yume -Day after day-2019-10-05ComposerOngaku no Tamago
Manbiki de Kyonyuu no Metsuki no Warui Keisatsukan ni Kop...2019-11-26ComposerOngaku no Tamago
Paizuri Kyoushitsu -Seiseki Kai wa P-gumi ni Kakuri Sare ...2019-12-17ComposerOngaku no Tamago
Saijaku Inma no Furyou Kouseiki2019-12-20ComposerOngaku no TamagoBGM
Third Hornet2020-01-31ComposerOngaku no Tamago
Watashi wa Iyashii Buta ni Naritai2020-02-04ComposerOngaku no Tamago
Kandachi no Ame, Oni no Uta2020-07-07ComposerOngaku no TamagoFree Use BGM
Hinan Seikatsu -Kimi to Sugosu Sei no Muikakan-2020-08-03ComposerOngaku no Tamago
Hit the Heat2021-07-25ComposerOngaku no TamagoBGM