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Video game developer and translator of short games.
Magical Witch Bell and Her Non-Magical Friends2017-10-18Scenarionpckc
Magical Witch Bell and Her Non-Magical Friends2017-10-18Character designnpckc
Magical Witch Bell and Her Non-Magical Friends2017-10-18Artistnpckc
Magical Witch Bell and Her Non-Magical Friends2017-10-18Directornpckc
Magical Witch Bell and Her Non-Magical Friends2017-10-18StaffnpckcProgramming
two girls make a game2018-01-31Scenarionpckc
two girls make a game2018-01-31Character designnpckc
two girls make a game2018-01-31Artistnpckc
two girls make a game2018-01-31Directornpckc
two girls make a game2018-01-31StaffnpckcProgramming
one night, hot springs2018-02-27Scenarionpckc
one night, hot springs2018-02-27Character designnpckc
one night, hot springs2018-02-27Artistnpckc
one night, hot springs2018-02-27Composernpckc
one night, hot springs2018-02-27Directornpckc
one night, hot springs2018-02-27StaffnpckcCoding
PENGUIN CAFE2018-07-27Scenarionpckc
PENGUIN CAFE2018-07-27Character designnpckc
PENGUIN CAFE2018-07-27Artistnpckc
PENGUIN CAFE2018-07-27Directornpckc
PENGUIN CAFE2018-07-27StaffnpckcCode
lilac & her light2018-10-31Scenarionpckc
lilac & her light2018-10-31Character designnpckc
lilac & her light2018-10-31Artistnpckc
lilac & her light2018-10-31StaffnpckcCode
A HERO AND A GARDEN2019-03-29Scenarionpckc
A HERO AND A GARDEN2019-03-29Character designnpckc
A HERO AND A GARDEN2019-03-29Artistnpckc
A HERO AND A GARDEN2019-03-29Composernpckc
A HERO AND A GARDEN2019-03-29Directornpckc
last day of spring2019-04-30Scenarionpckc
last day of spring2019-04-30Character designnpckc
last day of spring2019-04-30Artistnpckc
last day of spring2019-04-30Directornpckc
A TAVERN FOR TEA2019-08-31Scenarionpckc
A TAVERN FOR TEA2019-08-31Character designnpckc
A TAVERN FOR TEA2019-08-31Artistnpckc
A TAVERN FOR TEA2019-08-31StaffnpckcCode
spring leaves no flowers2019-11-30Scenarionpckc
spring leaves no flowers2019-11-30Artistnpckc
TOMATO CLINIC2020-04-13Scenarionpckc
TOMATO CLINIC2020-04-13Character designnpckc
TOMATO CLINIC2020-04-13Artistnpckc
TOMATO CLINIC2020-04-13Directornpckc
TOMATO CLINIC2020-04-13StaffnpckcProgramming
a letter of challenge2020-06-22Scenarionpckc
a letter of challenge2020-06-22Character designnpckc
a letter of challenge2020-06-22Artistnpckc
a letter of challenge2020-06-22Directornpckc
a pet shop after dark2020-08-30Scenarionpckc
a pet shop after dark2020-08-30Artistnpckc
a pet shop after dark2020-08-30Directornpckc
a pet shop after dark2020-08-30StaffnpckcCode
My World Still Burns2021-05-25ArtistnpckcAdditional Code
Peyton's Post-Op Visits2021-08-31StaffnpckcCaption tool for Ren'Py, special thanks
A YEAR OF SPRINGS2021-09-29Character designnpckc
A YEAR OF SPRINGS2021-09-29Artistnpckc
A YEAR OF SPRINGS2021-09-29Composernpckc
Mima and Nina's Chocolate Workshop2022-02-14Scenarionpckc
Mima and Nina's Chocolate Workshop2022-02-14Character designnpckc
Mima and Nina's Chocolate Workshop2022-02-14Artistnpckc
Mima and Nina's Chocolate Workshop2022-02-14Directornpckc
casting hearts2022-03-21Scenarionpckc
casting hearts2022-03-21Character designnpckc
casting hearts2022-03-21Artistnpckc
casting hearts2022-03-21Directornpckc
Tanuki-kun no Haru Sanpo English edition2022-05-07Translatornpckc
Froot Basket: Dark Chocolate2022-11-01StaffnpckcPronoun Tool
Marcus Comes Out Online2022-11-22StaffnpckcCaption tool for Ren'Py, special thanks
DON'T SAY YES English edition2022-12-30Translatornpckc
Three Lilies and Their Ghost Stories2023-01-22StaffnpckcAccessibility tools
The Things You Do For Love2023-03-05StaffnpckcPronoun tool
malViolence2023-04-02StaffnpckcSpecial thanks
Dropped Connection2023-04-18StaffnpckcCaption Tool
Fling with a Tiefling2023-10-27StaffnpckcCaption tool
Where Winter Crows Go2023-11-14StaffnpckcPronoun tool
Blood & Play2024-02-24StaffnpckcRen'Py Caption Tool