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NoBrand Sounds

ノーブランド サウンズ

NoBrand Soundsノーブランド サウンズ
ファクトリーノイズ&AGFactory Noise&AG
雑音工房NOISEZatsuon Koubou Noise
NoBrand Sounds is a Japanese musical unit formed in 2002 by members of the Zatsuon Koubou Noise circle, mostly producing music for adult games. Factory Noise&AG was established at the end of 2004 and stopped its activity in 2008.
Gyousatsu♥Shinsengumi Hitokiri Bishoujo Adventure2000-04-28ComposerNoBrand SoundsBGM
Love Negotiator2001-09-28ComposerZatsuon Koubou NoiseBGM
Kusarihime ~Euthanasia~2002-02-08ComposerZatsuon Koubou Noise
PINKPANZER2002-06-07ComposerNoBrand Sounds
Cannonball ~Neko Neko Machine Mou Race!~2003-02-07ComposerNoBrand Sounds
Yamai Tsuki ~Ryouki Kansen Virus~2003-05-25ComposerNoBrand Sounds
Little Little Election2003-06-20ComposerNoBrand SoundsBGM
Liar Taisen Janmagedon2003-12-12ComposerNoBrand SoundsBGM
Forest2004-02-13ComposerNoBrand Sounds
Kusarihime ~jamais vu~2004-02-28ComposerZatsuon Koubou Noise
Onegai O-Hoshi-sama2004-05-28ComposerNoBrand SoundsBGM
ANGEL BULLET2004-10-01ComposerNoBrand Sounds
Yunohana2005-03-25ComposerNoBrand SoundsBGM
Zettai Chikyuu Boueiki Mega Laughter2005-05-20ComposerNoBrand Sounds
Born Freaks!2005-10-21ComposerNoBrand SoundsBGM
MOON STRIKE2006-11-02ComposerNoBrand Sounds
Sister Sister2006-12-15ComposerFactory Noise&AG
Chrono Belt ~Ayakashibito & Bullet Butlers Crossover Disc~2008-05-23ComposerFactory Noise&AG