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Eric Matyas

Eric Matyas
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A composer who uploads his own creations (music, sound effects and images) in his website, publicly available under Creative Commons Attribution and other similar licenses. He also makes custom pieces depending on the project he is asked to work for and actively participates in creating short documentaries and learning videos for younger audiences.

Secondary website.
HEROxTRIOunknownComposerEric Matyas
Pulsatio CordisunknownComposerEric MatyasRoyalty-free BGM
Sweetly Sweetened SweetsunknownComposerEric Matyas"Farty McSty", "Small Time Crooks"
The Glass CoffinunknownComposerEric Matyas
Humanity Must Perish2017-04-01ComposerEric Matyas
A Charming Tale2018-02-26ComposerEric Matyas
Raven Go!2018-06-29ComposerEric Matyas
Let's Split Up2018-06-30ComposerEric Matyas
Free!: Arabian Nights2018-07-26ComposerEric Matyas
Spooky Investigator2018-08-02ComposerEric Matyas
The Telepathy Club and the Summer Festival2018-08-30ComposerEric Matyas
The Telepathy Club and the Summer Festival2018-08-30StaffEric MatyasSFX
Chasing the Stars2019-01-04ComposerEric MatyasBGM
Changeling2019-01-30ComposerEric Matyas
Esper - Make You Live Again2019-05-31ComposerEric Matyas
Ben PI2019-06-11ComposerEric Matyas"Closing in 2_Looping"
Trapped2019-06-22ComposerEric MatyasMusic And Sound
My Burning Heart2019-07-20ComposerEric Matyas
12 Hours to Die2020-03-31ComposerEric Matyas
12 Hours to Die2020-03-31StaffEric MatyasSound effects
Follower A2020-05-10ComposerEric Matyas
I'm a love interest in my childhood friend's reverse harem!!!2020-07-01ComposerEric Matyas
Missing Time2020-07-30ComposerEric Matyas
I'm a SIDE CHARACTER in a BL story!2020-08-31ComposerEric Matyas
I'm a SIDE CHARACTER in a BL story!2020-08-31StaffEric MatyasSound Effects
My Vampire Girlfriend.2020-12-04ComposerSoundimageTracks: "Dusk", "Trancyvania", "Evening Stars Rising", "Peaceful Evening" and "Dark Things 2"
Yuki's Palpitating, Passionate, Phenomenal, and quite frankly Proficient quest for a (hot) girlfriend!!!2021-04-01ComposerEric Matyas
Little Lamb2021-05-17ComposerEric MatyasBGM
Little Lamb2021-05-17StaffEric MatyasSound Effects
Thersanom: The Hidden Secret2021-06-15ComposerEric Matyas
Do Not Kill Me Jacob!!2021-07-15ComposerEric MatyasBGM: "Dark Things 2"
Draw No More2021-07-16ComposerEric Matyas
A Witch and a Ghost2021-07-17ComposerEric Matyas
Unicorn Shake2021-07-17ComposerEric MatyasBGM: "Cute 8-bit Monsters"
Dear Genny2021-07-18ComposerEric MatyasBGM: "Pond at Twilight"
I'll Come See You2021-07-18ComposerEric MatyasBGM: "Tranquility at 30 000 Feet"
The Love Interests get their Own Game2021-08-30ComposerEric Matyas
The Life We've Chosen2021-10-02ComposerEric Matyas
Pippy's Ultimate Quest for Friendship (and Lessons)!!!2021-10-17ComposerEric Matyas"Delivering the Goods", "Midnight Wanderer", "Farty McSty", "Action Rhythm 3", "Small Time Crooks", "Street Boss Battle"
Ace of Gifts2021-12-01ComposerEric Matyas
Myx's Bittersweet Musings2021-12-24ComposerEric Matyas"The Island of Dr. Sinister", "More Freaky Things This Way Come", "Dark Things", "Farty McSty", "Small Time Crooks"
The Telepathy Club and the Haunted House Project2021-12-30ComposerEric Matyas
The Telepathy Club and the Haunted House Project2021-12-30StaffEric MatyasSFX
Trigaea2022-02-19ComposerSoundimageRoyalty-free music and sounds
The Thorn Tower2022-03-18ComposerEric MatyasRoyalty-free BGM and SFX
The Scorchfarer2022-04-15ComposerEric Matyas
The Scorchfarer2022-04-15StaffEric MatyasSound effects
Under Maintenance2022-08-02ComposerEric Matyas"Acoustic Rock Drama", "Peaceful Evening"
Nat(urally) Me2022-08-19ComposerEric Matyas
Memory Ghosts2022-09-02ComposerEric MatyasRoyalty-free BGM
The Mayfield Plague2022-10-01StaffEric MatyasSFX
Visniki Avirentesa2022-10-15ComposerEric Matyas
Bittersweet Harvest2023-01-09ComposerEric Matyas
A Femboy Dared Me To2023-04-21ComposerEric Matyas
A Femboy Dared Me To2023-04-21StaffEric MatyasSFX
Rosetta and the Well2023-05-06ComposerEric Matyas
Hollow Victory2023-07-20ComposerEric Matyas
HRT Simulator 20232023-07-31StaffEric MatyasSFX
Ne Krychy2024-02-16ComposerEric Matyas
Ardency: Heart of the Rebellion2024-06ComposerEric Matyas
LOVERGIRL LIVTBAComposerEric MatyasRoyalty-free music