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Patrick M. Seymour

Patrick M. Seymour
P.M. Seymour
Pat M. Seymour
Pat Seymour
Patrick Seymour
Three Berry Scone
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American voice actor.

Voiced characters (13)

Loren The Amazon Princess2012-04-30ReiPatrick M. Seymour
Tales of Aravorn: Seasons Of The Wolf2014-11-15JarielPatrick M. Seymour
Cute Demon Crashers!2015-08-15KaelThree Berry Scone
Burning Love2016-04-10Flame DemonPatrick M. Seymour
Highway Blossoms2016-06-17JumboPatrick Seymour
Valentine Panic!2017-02-14ManagerPatrick M. Seymour
XOXO Droplets2017-08-31Pran TaylorP.M. Seymour
The Seven Districts of Sin: The Tail Makes the Fox2017-10-09LuciferPat M. Seymour
Reflections ~Dreams and Reality~2018-07-29BlancPat M. Seymour
Morningdew Farms2019-09-18ButchP.M. Seymour
Mizari Loves Company2019-11-13MerrickPat Seymour
Sierra Ops2020-01-16Almon RutherfordPatrick M. Seymour
Dear MonsterTBAImbriss the DragonPat M. Seymour