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MOSAIC.WAV is a Japanese moe-pop band from Akihabara, widely known for doing theme songs to eroge, they eventually began to produce their own original work in 2004. Their name is a reference to the use of mosaics to censor the genitals in pornography, and WAV is a sound format.

MOSAIC.WAV is fronted by vocalist MI-KO, with keyboardist Susumu Kayamori and guitarist Masaya Koike backing her up.

They dubbed their own music as Akiba-Pop, J-pop covered by numerous Akihabara cultural references, this including fantasy anime and video game themes.

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Credits (25)

Itadaki Jangarian2000-11-10ComposerMOSAIC.WAVED
Ano Ko wa **chi Girl2005-04-22ComposerMOSAIC.WAVOP
Itadaki Jangarian R2005-08-05ComposerMOSAIC.WAV
Pakucchau zo!!2005-11-11VocalsMOSAIC.WAVOP Theme
Hachukano2006-06-30VocalsMOSAIC.WAVOP Theme "Akiba no 'A' kara Hajimeyou"
My Tsuma2006-08-04VocalsMOSAIC.WAVOP "Itsumo Anata ni Koishiteru"
Otome no Jijou2006-09-28VocalsMOSAIC.WAVED "Pleaiades"
Figu@mate2006-11-24VocalsMOSAIC.WAVOP "Gachagacha Kyuto Figu@Mate"
Kisumimi!! ~Kiss! Me! Me!~2006-12-15ComposerMOSAIC.WAVSongs
Oishii Mahou no Tonaekata.2007-02-23VocalsMOSAIC.WAVOP Theme "Oishii Mahou no Sa-Shi-Su-Se-So"
Kimihagu2007-03-23StaffMOSAIC.WAVSongs production
G Cup Binkan Seito Kaichou ~Chichi Fetish Chichi Momi Hen~2007-12-28VocalsMOSAIC.WAVOP "Chichin Puipui Chichi no Tane"
I Cup Bonyuu Kangofu ~Chichi Fetish Chichi Sui Hen~2008-01-11VocalsMOSAIC.WAVOP "Chichin Puipui Chichi no Tane"
H Cup Namaiki Katei Kyoushi ~Chichi Fetish Paizuri Hen~2008-01-25VocalsMOSAIC.WAVOP "Chichin Puipui Chichi no Tane"
G H I Cup Innyuu Sanshimai ~Chichi Fetish Kyonyuu Harem Hen~2008-02-08VocalsMOSAIC.WAVOP "Chichin Puipui Chichi no Tane"
Musumaker2008-12-19ComposerMOSAIC.WAVTheme song & insert song
Semen Security 20092008-12-19ComposerMOSAIC.WAVOP
Semen Security 20092008-12-19VocalsMOSAIC.WAVOP Theme "Kimi ni Onegai! Security"
Gakkoi 2 ~Unmei Ai wa Inochigake~2009-05-03ComposerMOSAIC.WAVInsert song "Paraiso Hallelujah Sunbararia"
Sorairo Memoir -Precious Summer Vacation!-2011-01-28VocalsMOSAIC.WAVOP "BlueStripe"
Jansei Gakuen Chrono★Magic2013-04-18ComposerMOSAIC.WAV
Jansei Gakuen Chrono★Magic2013-04-18VocalsMOSAIC.WAVOP "ALL LAST ONE CHANCE! VER.MAGIC"
Jansei Utahime Chrono★Star2013-05-30ComposerMOSAIC.WAV
Jansei Utahime Chrono★Star2013-05-30VocalsMOSAIC.WAV
Tsugihagi Make Peace! -Pretending x Friendship-2017-10-27ComposerMOSAIC.WAVSecond OP