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Kamiya Yuu

榎宮 祐

Kamiya Yuu榎宮 祐
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Thiago Furukawa Lucas (born 10 November 1984), who goes by his pen name Yuu Kamiya, is a Brazilian-born Japanese novelist and illustrator. He worked on Takaya Kagami's light novel adaptation of A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives. In 2013, he then worked on writing and illustrating his own light novel series No Game No Life which has been adapted into anime, was listed as one of the top-selling light novels in 2014, and was one of ten light novel series to receive a Yomiuri Shimbun Sugoi Japan Award. In 2015, his newer light novel and manga series Clockwork Planet was greenlit for an anime adaptation. In 2011, he married Mashiro Hiiragi, who would work on the manga adaptation of No Game No Life.
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