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Conor Hehr

Conor Hehr
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Writer and programmer.

Credits (13)

They Cannot Hear Me2019-01-04ScenarioConor Hehr
They Cannot Hear Me2019-01-04DirectorConor Hehr
Trapped2019-06-22ScenarioConor Hehr
Trapped2019-06-22DirectorConor Hehr
The Weird One2019-09-08ScenarioConor Hehr
The Weird One2019-09-08DirectorConor Hehr
Suddenly She's Here2020-05-13ScenarioConor HehrWriter
Suddenly She's Here2020-05-13VocalsConor HehrVoice of Oscar
School for the Friendless2020-06-09ScenarioConor HehrWriter, Programmer
School for the Friendless2020-06-09ArtistConor HehrExtra Sprites, Sprite Modification, One CG
My Loving Wife2021-04-01ScenarioConor HehrWriter, Programmer
Winter Dream2021-08-23ScenarioConor HehrWriter
Fixing ThingsTBAScenarioConor HehrWriter

Voiced characters (1)

Suddenly She's Here2020-05-13OscarConor Hehr