Ogata Masafumi

尾形 雅史

Ogata Masafumi尾形 雅史 

Ogata Masafumi, born August 24, 1968 in Akita Prefecture, Japan, is a former Sega composer.

He has composed music for two Sonic games and one related CD. Aside from Sega titles, he has also composed music for a few Japan-exclusive games developed by C's Ware.

He is a member of PURE SOUND Inc., as well as TOY'S PLANET, with Michishita Momo.


DESIRE - Haitoku no Rasen1994-07-22ComposerOgata MasafumiSaturn ver.
Divi-Dead1998-01-23ComposerOgata Masafumi
EVE: The Lost One1998-03-12ComposerOgata Masafumi
Dream Generation ~Koi ka? Shigoto ka!?...~1998-07-30ComposerOgata Masafumi
luv wave1998-07-31ComposerOgata Masafumi
Chiruhana ~Kindan no Ketsuzoku~1999-01-29ComposerOgata Masafumi
Adam: The Double Factor1999-06-18ComposerOgata Masafumi
Kazeoto, Chirin1999-09-10ComposerOgata Masafumi
Vist1999-12-02ComposerOgata Masafumi
Sho-Ki2000-04-21ComposerOgata Masafumi