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Mitha is a Japanese freelance illustrator and game artist.
Gift2005-05-27Character designMithaMain designer
Gift ~Niji-Iro Stories~2006-01-27Character designMitha
Gift ~Niji-Iro Stories~2006-01-27ArtistMitha
Clear2007-08-24Character designMitha
Clear2007-08-24ArtistMithaMiki and Natsuki CGs
Clear ~Crystal Stories~2008-05-03Character designMitha
Clear ~Crystal Stories~2008-05-03ArtistMitha
Maji Suki ~Marginal Skip~2009-04-24Character designMitha
Maji Suki ~Marginal Skip~2009-04-24ArtistMitha
Nanagane Gakuen -Kaze no Saifu-2009-12-30Character designMitha
Nanagane Gakuen -Kaze no Saifu-2009-12-30ArtistMitha
Yuyukana -Under the Starlight-2011-09-22Character designMitha
Yuyukana -Under the Starlight-2011-09-22ArtistMitha
ALIA's CARNIVAL!2014-03-28Character designMitha
ALIA's CARNIVAL!2014-03-28ArtistMitha
ALIA's CARNIVAL! Flowering Sky2015-05-29Character designMitha
ALIA's CARNIVAL! Flowering Sky2015-05-29ArtistMitha
Haruoto Alice * Gram2017-06-30Character designMitha
Haruoto Alice * Gram2017-06-30ArtistMitha
Haruoto Alice * Gram2017-06-30StaffMithaGraphics, Logo design
Shirokoi Sakura * Gram2019-03-29Character designMitha
Shirokoi Sakura * Gram2019-03-29ArtistMitha
Shirokoi Sakura * Gram2019-03-29StaffMithaGraphics
Hanagane Kanade * Gram - Chapter:1 Kozakura Yui2021-11-26StaffMithaGraphic
Nanagane Gakuen -Ryokou Bu-2021-12-30Character designMitha
Nanagane Gakuen -Ryokou Bu-2021-12-30ArtistMitha
Nanagane Gakuen -Ryokou Bu- Tour: 02 Hakone Hen-2022-08-13Character designMitha
Nanagane Gakuen -Ryokou Bu- Tour: 02 Hakone Hen-2022-08-13ArtistMitha
Shirokoi Sakura * Gram LF2023-07-28Character designMitha
Shirokoi Sakura * Gram LF2023-07-28ArtistMitha
Nanagane Gakuen Ryokou Bu -tour:03 Kinugawa Hen-2023-12-30ArtistMitha