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Shitahara Shou

椎原 旬

Shitahara Shou椎原 旬
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Shitahara Shou is a Japanese adult games scenarist affiliated with Pulltop and its subsidiary Seven Wonder.

Credits (13)

Trouble Captor!2002-06-28ScenarioShitahara Shou
Onegai O-Hoshi-sama2004-05-28ScenarioShitahara Shou
Yunohana2005-03-25StaffShitahara ShouProduction
Princess Waltz2006-04-28ScenarioShitahara Shou
Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no2006-11-24StaffShitahara ShouProduction
Te to Te Try on!2008-08-29ScenarioShitahara Shou
Taiyou no Promia2011-05-27ScenarioShitahara Shou
Taiyou no Promia2011-05-27StaffShitahara ShouPlanning
Taiyou no Promia Flowering Days2012-02-24ScenarioShitahara Shou
Taiyou no Promia Flowering Days2012-02-24StaffShitahara ShouPlanning
Himegoto Union ~We are in the Springtime of Life!~2013-09-27ScenarioShitahara Shou
Himegoto Union ~We are in the Springtime of Life!~2013-09-27StaffShitahara ShouPlanning
Himegoto Union Motto H!2014-05-30StaffShitahara ShouPlanning