Tachibana Takaha

橘 尭葉

Tachibana Takaha橘 尭葉 

Tachibana Takaha is a member of Yousei Teikoku and responsible for keyboards, guitar, composition, arrangement and lyric writing. Has worked with Kukui in the past.


Tsui no Yakata ~Koibumi~2004-02-27ComposerTachibana TakahaED
Tsui no Yakata ~Futatsuboshi~2004-03-26ComposerTachibana TakahaED
Tsui no Yakata ~Tsumi to Batsu~2004-04-30ComposerTachibana TakahaED
Tsui no Yakata ~Orihime~2004-05-28ComposerTachibana TakahaED
Tsui no Yakata ~Ningyou~2004-06-25ComposerTachibana TakahaED
Mai-HiME - Unmei no Keitouju2005-06-30ComposerTachibana Takaha
Eternal Fantasy2007-11-22ComposerTachibana TakahaComposition, arrangement & lyrics of Prir's Insert song
Fortissimo//Akkord:Bsusvier2010-09-30ComposerTachibana TakahaSecond OP "Asgard", Insert Song "keep existing", Insert Song "Fata Morgana" (EXA Version Only), and BGM
Fortissimo EXS//Akkord:Nachsten Phase2012-06-29ComposerTachibana TakahaBGM, True End OP, 2nd OP, Momiji's OP, insert song "Fata Morgana"
Kadenz Fermata//Akkord:Fortissimo2014-12-11ComposerTachibana TakahaOnly composed the reused BGM from fortissimo EXS//Akkord:nächsten Phase