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Cats on a Lilypad Studios

Cats on a Lilypad Studios
Cats on a Lilypad Studio
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One women indie development studio from rural Australia.

Audio Engineer, Programmer, Vocalist, Game Developer.

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Producer page: Cats on a Lilypad Studios
C.L: Twitter
A Forsaken Place2021-04-01StaffCats on a Lilypad StudioProgramming and Voice Audio Editing
Delphine's Discovery2021-06-30StaffCats on a Lilypad StudiosProgramming, VA editing
Another Day2021-09-19StaffCats on a Lilypad StudioProgrammer
When We Were Monsters2021-10-02StaffCats on a Lilypad StudiosProgramming
Wrapped with a Kiss2021-12-22StaffCats on a Lilypad StudiosProgramming, VA editing
Panicked and Surrounded by Hot Vampires2022-01-02StaffCats on a Lilypad StudioProgrammer
The Divine Speaker2022-03-30VocalsC.L"Fates Journey"
The Divine Speaker2022-03-30StaffCats on a Lilypad StudiosAudio Editor, Audio Programmer
Mythic Meetup2022-07-01StaffCats on a Lilypad StudioAudio Engineer
Nat(urally) Me2022-08-19StaffCats on a Lilypad StudiosGUI programming
Silver Blue2022-11-11StaffCats on a Lilypad StudioProgrammer
The Inn Between2024ScenarioC.L
The Inn Between2024DirectorC.L
The Inn Between2024StaffC.LProgrammer, Audio Engineer
Heart AgencyTBADirectorC.L
Heart AgencyTBAStaffC.LProgrammer