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Sound Bible
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Offers free and royalty free sound clips and sound effects for download. Aimed at video editors, movie scores, game designers, and "weekend sound warriors", teachers and students alike.
While the free sounds can only be used if they are under the Creative Commons Attribution or Public Domain License, the royalty free sounds can be used for commercial uses.
Colors ~ Aoi's Utopia ~2014-03-30ComposerSound BibleSFX
Voices from the Sea2014-09-16ComposerSound BibleSFX
The Halloween Night2014-11-01StaffSoundBibleSFX
NGOGI: No God of Good Intentions2015-04-09StaffSoundBibleSound effects
Straight Up: Sister-zoned!2017-04-02ComposerSoundBibleSFX
Welcome Home2017-09-16ComposerSoundBibleSound effects and BGM
Live with Jill Count2017-10-31StaffSoundBibleSFX
Doki Doki Blue Skies2020-06-12StaffSoundBibleSound effects
Haunted House2020-12-24StaffSoundBibleSFX
The Morning Star2021-02-13StaffSoundBibleSFX
Crimson Sun2021-07-18StaffSoundBibleSFX
Winter Dream2021-08-23ComposerSound BibleSound Effects
Apocalyptic DreamTBAStaffSoundBibleSFX (Demo)