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Alex Moon

Alex Moon
LanguagePortuguese (Brazil)
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Colorful Mirai2021-08-27Character designAlex Moon
Colorful Mirai2021-08-27ArtistAlex MoonBackground, main artist
Colorful Mirai2021-08-27StaffAlex MoonUI design, producer
Colorful Mirai - Spooky Edition2021-09-24Character designAlex Moon
Colorful Mirai - Spooky Edition2021-09-24ArtistAlex MoonBackground, main artist
Colorful Mirai - Spooky Edition2021-09-24StaffAlex MoonUI design, producer
Renting Love for Christmas2021-12-23Character designAlex Moon
Renting Love for Christmas2021-12-23ArtistAlex MoonBackgorund, Main artist
Renting Love for Christmas2021-12-23StaffAlex MoonUI design, producer
World's Doom: Mission Salvation2022-04-01Character designAlex Moon
World's Doom: Mission Salvation2022-04-01ArtistAlex MoonBackgorund, Main artist
World's Doom: Mission Salvation2022-04-01StaffAlex MoonUI design, producer
Teachers. With Love and Passion.2022-06-23Character designAlex Moon
Teachers. With Love and Passion.2022-06-23ArtistAlex MoonBackground, main artist
Teachers. With Love and Passion.2022-06-23StaffAlex MoonUI design, producer
Subject: LOVE2023-04-01Character designAlex Moon
Subject: LOVE2023-04-01ArtistAlex MoonBackground, main artist
Subject: LOVE2023-04-01StaffAlex MoonUI design, producer
Death is a Guest2023-09-30Character designAlex Moon
Death is a Guest2023-09-30ArtistAlex MoonBackground, main artist
Death is a Guest2023-09-30StaffAlex MoonUI design, producer
Walking for Your Heart2024-04-01Character designAlex Moon
Walking for Your Heart2024-04-01ArtistAlex MoonBackground, main artist
Walking for Your Heart2024-04-01Quality assuranceAlex Moon
Walking for Your Heart2024-04-01StaffAlex MoonUI design, producer