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Presence of Music

Presence of Music
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Website founded by Yusaku Kishigami, in which offers free to use musical samples and paid soundtracks in agreement with some specific terms of use.

Credits (8)

Mental MapunknownComposerPresence of Music
Meian ni Kureru2009-03-26ComposerPresence of MusicBGM
Mikoto Nikki2013-05-28ComposerPresence of Music
Zankai2014-12-25ComposerPresence of Music
Gulam2017-03-28ComposerPresence of Music
Hansel to Gretel DS2019-05-08ComposerPresence of Music
Yesterday, the World Ended2021-07-15ComposerPresence of MusicBGM: "Traces"
Akuma Shitsuji to Kuroi Neko2021-12-07ComposerPresence of Music