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Rebecca Chiara Marano

Rebecca Chiara Marano
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Voice actress who recieved her training in Edge Studios and the Eastman School of Music. Her voice is considered by others as bubbly and playful, while still being able to capture the sincerity behind her characters. She works in a small studio she has set up in her home.

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I'm Just Here to Change the Lights2021-10-01StaffRebecca Chiara MaranoVoice Over Director
Pimpersock's Polymorphin' Potion2021-07-18PimpersockRebecca Chiara Marano
Pimpersock's Polymorphin' Potion2021-07-18SuellenRebecca Chiara Marano
Promenade (n.) - An Afternoon Walk in a Park -2021-07-18SheRebecca Chiara Marano
Promenade (n.) - An Afternoon Walk in a Park -2021-07-18IRebecca Chiara Marano
Limbo Line2021-10-01NyariRebecca Chiara Marano
Pages of Wrath2021-10-02LikaRebecca Chiara Marano
Pages of Wrath2021-10-02ArnikaRebecca Chiara Marano
To All the Wolves I've Slain2021-10-02VelmaRebecca Chiara Marano
I Like You2022-09-27Yuri VandallRebecca Chiara Marano
The Graveyard Shift2022-10-01Officier VolkhamRebecca Chiara Marano