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Chinese-American indie developer and writer of visual novels. They also do marketing for narrative-based games and publishing on mobile devices.
Distortion Nation2020-04-12StaffBaiYuProgramming, GUI
Night of the Lesbian Vampires2020-10-01ScenarioBaiYu
Night of the Lesbian Vampires2020-10-01StaffBaiYuProgramming, GUI
Up All Night2020-10-19StaffBaiYuRen'Py programming
The Morning Star2021-02-13Quality assuranceBaiYu
The Morning Star2021-02-13StaffBaiYuCoding help & Android port
Wolf's Wool2021-05-12StaffBaiYu"Snowblossom" code
To Mari, From the Deep2021-07-18StaffBaiYuQA
Up All Night: Rumination2021-10-01StaffBaiYuGUI programming, beta testing, bug fixing
How We Show Love2022-01-09ScenarioBaiYu
How We Show Love2022-01-09DirectorBaiYu
How We Show Love2022-01-09StaffBaiYuProducer, programming
Lotus: The Self-Made Witch2022-03-21ScenarioBaiYu
Lotus: The Self-Made Witch2022-03-21DirectorBaiYu
Lotus: The Self-Made Witch2022-03-21StaffBaiYuProgrammer
Nameless - The Departed Cycle2022-10-01StaffBaiYuBeta testing
a last conversation with my cat2022-12-30StaffBaiYuSnowfall GUI
HRT Simulator 20232023-07-31ScenarioBaiYu
HRT Simulator 20232023-07-31DirectorBaiYu
Snow Angel and Silver Devil2023-12-29StaffBaiYuSnowfall effect
Blood & Play2024-02-24ScenarioBaiYu
Blood & Play2024-02-24DirectorBaiYu
Blood & Play2024-02-24StaffBaiYuProgramming