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Vladimir Makarov

Vladimir Makarov
Vova M.
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Vladimir Makarov (born September 30th, 2006), also known as Vova M., is a visual novel developer from Russia. In addition to visual novels, he sometimes writes music both for his games and personally only for himself.

His doujin circle is called Vova M. also known as VMSoft.
5NighTsunagiunknownScenarioVova M.
5NighTsunagiunknownCharacter designVova M.
5NighTsunagiunknownArtistVova M.
5Nights no Obieru Koro ni TSUNAGI2022-07-06ScenarioVova M.
5Nights no Obieru Koro ni TSUNAGI2022-07-06ArtistVova M.
5Nights no Obieru Koro ni TSUNAGI2022-07-06DirectorVova M.
Hikkakareta Brawl Stars2022-11-20ScenarioVova M.
Hikkakareta Brawl Stars2022-11-20Character designVova M.Original by Supercell and "It's a Rui"
Hikkakareta Brawl Stars2022-11-20ArtistVova M.