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Benedict Villariaza

Benedict Villariaza
Moonlight Bomber
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A solo indie game developer from the Philippines specializing in visual novels and RPGs. He also writes online novels.

For his self-published works under the DagitabSoft name, please go here.
Natsu no Hi no Resonance Tagalog edition2002-07-01TranslatorBenedict Villariaza
This One Room2016-12-12ScenarioBenedict Villariaza
The Classiest Act2020-03-18ScenarioBenedict Villariaza
The Same Coin2022-01-31ScenarioBenedict Villariaza
Nothing Happened: The Complete Saga2022-11-10ScenarioBenedict Villariaza
Bittersweet Harvest2023-01-09ScenarioBenedict Villariaza
Ozone Ashes2023-03-18ScenarioBenedict Villariaza
Occhiolism2023-10-02ScenarioBenedict Villariaza
Bardic: Quest for Love2024-02-15ScenarioBenedict Villariaza
Project Missionary: The Reckoning of Hizzokahpolis2024-04-01ScenarioBenedict Villariaza