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s267.172019-04-19 at 23:14wakaranaiOgura Yuialias not used in VN credits
s267.162019-04-19 at 22:09ffviiccOgura Yuiadd new alias
s267.152019-04-19 at 22:08ffviiccOgura Yuiadd new alias
s267.142018-10-23 at 20:15wakaranaiOgura Yuiyou've confused character name for seiyuu name.
s267.132018-10-23 at 19:59krykryOgura Yuiasd
s267.122018-09-26 at 11:16wakaranaiOgura Yuiadded alias (link)
s267.112018-09-25 at 09:41sakuhanachanOgura Yui..
s267.102018-09-24 at 09:35traumatizerOgura Yuialias (link)
s267.92017-02-24 at 21:34wakaranaiOgura Yuialias ( link , link )
s267.82016-12-19 at 05:25wakaranaiOgura Yuiwide space
s267.72016-12-18 at 16:30feirasanOgura Yuigot from new escude VN..
s267.62015-09-21 at 18:05klutchOgura Yuiredundant because twitter is already listed.
s267.52015-09-21 at 15:35traumatizerOgura Yuiadded her alias's twitter
s267.42015-05-20 at 00:10wakaranaiOgura YuiReverted to revision s267.2 alias not confirmed and not used in VN credits.
s267.32015-05-19 at 23:06klutchOgura Yuialias
s267.22015-05-08 at 18:56traumatizerOgura Yuifixed link (now that the other yui ogura's in the DB as well)
s267.12015-01-29 at 06:23nutellafanOgura YuiAdded seiyuu.