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Abby Sherlock

Abby Sherlock
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Abby Sherlock is an award-winning and recognized 24-year-old Graduate Student currently at the University of Southern California's SCA Interactive Media Game Design MFA program. Behind all that, she was born and raised in the South, growing up as a child actor and closet fantasy/sci-fi/comic nerd while performing the part of preppy cheerleader and varsity lacrosse player in her daily life. Upon reaching undergraduate at UC San Diego she expanded her artistic passions into multiple fields and practices around gaming, film and esports.

She is a constant advocate for women in the gaming space and her voice has been highlighted by multiple organizations and publications where she takes great pride in mentoring the next generation of female leaders. Working to foster a more kind and diverse community through media mediums is what fuels her throughout her endeavors.

Currently, she is involved in Games Production at Riot Games in Santa Monica, California while also hosting and acting, writing and directing VO when she can.

In her free time she enjoys playing JRPGS and action-adventure games, period films, magical girl anime, cosplaying fictional characters with capes, movie soundtracks, practicing yoga, (not the hot kind), reading fantasy YA, spending time with her large Canadian-Texan family and taking personality tests.

(Yes, she's a INFJ, Neutral Good, House Stark, and Gryffindor, thanks for asking.)
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