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Arekishi is one of the artists of Monster Girl Quest. He’s called “The God of Paizuri” by his fans and he’s one of the major representatives of the new style of paizuri that is spreading in Japan (that kind of paizuri where girls don’t take their clothes off).

Arekishi’s works are ideal for people who like lolita characters with huge breasts, as well as people who don’t consider tit fucking to be foreplay, but rather the main dish.

[From Mon-musu Quest Wiki]
Monmusu Quest! Chuushou ~Makereba Youjo ni Okasareru~2011-12-17ArtistArekishi
Monmusu Quest! Shuushou ~Makereba Youjo ni Okasareru~2013-06-01ArtistArekishi
Inma no Shiro ~Bakunyuu Succubus no Yuuwaki to Kyuusei~2014-03-20ArtistArekishi
Inma no Shiro Gaiden ~Succubus ni Maketa Yuusha no Sonogo~2015-02-03ArtistArekishi
Level Drain 3 Fan Disk ~Strip Tease~2017-04-28ArtistArekishi
Inma no Shiro Gaiden ~Succubus ni Maketa Yuusha no Sono 3~2017-06-30ArtistArekishi
Lamia no Sato ~Lamia Harem de Shiborarete~2018-06-12ArtistArekishi
IMMORAL LIFE ~Youjo no Ria-chan~2019-10-23ArtistArekishi
Kemochichi ~Loli Bakunyuu Tanetsuke Koubi Roku~ (Game Edition)2021-03-07ScenarioArekishi
Kemochichi ~Loli Bakunyuu Tanetsuke Koubi Roku~ (Game Edition)2021-03-07ArtistArekishi
Chichima no Shiro2021-12-30ArtistArekishi
Tokushu Senmon Fuuzokuten ~Loli Bakunyuu~ 22023-04-22ArtistArekishi