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Mitsuki Mantarou

光姫 満太郎

Mitsuki Mantarou光姫 満太郎
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Mitsuki Mantarou is a Japanese illustrator and adult game artist working for Escu:de.

Credits (11)

Metamor Fantasy2001-11-22Character designMitsuki Mantarou
Metamor Fantasy2001-11-22ArtistMitsuki Mantarou
Jewels Ocean2004-03-19ArtistMitsuki Mantarou
Figu@mate2006-11-24Character designMitsuki Mantarou
Otome Renshin Prister2010-01-29Character designMitsuki Mantarou
Otome Renshin Prister2010-01-29ArtistMitsuki Mantarou
Otome Renshin Prister Fandisc ~Motto H ni Koi Seyo Otome!~2010-07-30Character designMitsuki Mantarou
Otome Renshin Prister Fandisc ~Motto H ni Koi Seyo Otome!~2010-07-30ArtistMitsuki Mantarou
Sensui-bu!2013-06-28ArtistMitsuki Mantarou
Seihou no Prismgear2013-07-26ArtistMitsuki Mantarou
Yamizome Liberator -Yamiochi Yuusha to Ochiru Senki-2020-11-27ArtistMitsuki Mantarou