Arihara Masaaki

有原 昌顕

Arihara Masaaki有原 昌顕 

In 2000-2009 Arihara Masaaki was a staff scenarist and producer of Studio e.go!. He once worked for TGL as a graphic artist, programmer, and scenario writer.


Men at Work! 2 ~Hunter Academy e Youkoso~2000-11-17ScenarioArihara Masaaki
Men at Work! 2 ~Hunter Academy e Youkoso~2000-11-17DirectorArihara Masaaki
Men at Work! 2 ~Hunter Academy e Youkoso~2000-11-17StaffArihara MasaakiProgramming, Game design
My Fair Angel2001-07-27DirectorArihara Masaaki
My Fair Angel2001-07-27StaffArihara MasaakiStory composition, game design
Natsu Kagura2003-06-20DirectorArihara Masaaki
Natsu Kagura2003-06-20StaffArihara MasaakiPlanning, game design, programming
Izumo 22004-07-30DirectorArihara Masaaki
Izumo 22004-07-30StaffArihara MasaakiProducer, Game Design
Oni Kagura2005-04-28StaffArihara MasaakiPlanning, Game Design, Script
Men at Work! 4 ~Hunter-tachi yo Eien ni~2006-09-01DirectorArihara Masaaki
Izumo 32007-07-27DirectorArihara Masaaki
Izumo 32007-07-27StaffArihara MasaakiPlanning, Game Design, Script