Larval Stage Planning

Larval Stage Planning
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Larval Stage Planning is a Japanese J-pop group formed in 2010 by Shimamiya Eiko and is signed to Lantis. The group is also a member of the Sapporo-based music production group I've Sound.

The group's members include:
~Kirishima Airi

Former members (who both graduated from the group on March 9, 2014):
~Maisaki Nami
~Asami Rin

Credits (6)

Kisaragi Gold ★ Star2010-10-29VocalsLarval Stage PlanningOP "Rolling Star☆彡"
Kamidere2012-09-28VocalsLarval Stage PlanningOP "Baby☆Seven Flight colors"
Karumaruka * Circle2013-09-27VocalsLarval Stage PlanningSecond OP "find a piece"
Majo Koi Nikki2014-05-30VocalsLarval Stage PlanningPC OP "Hanabira to Ribbon"
Majo Koi Nikki2014-05-30StaffLarval Stage PlanningPC OP lyrics
Koi no Honey Trap ~Ecchi de Amai Honey Trap~2016-01-29VocalsLarval Stage PlanningOP "Honey Trap Awful Heaven"