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Marcel Weyers

Marcel Weyers
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German author, editor, translator, and part of the Warlocs translation cooperative. Creator of the Sleepless Night series and other visual novels.
Kako no Koi English editionunknownTranslatorMarcel Weyers
Legend of the Silver FoxunknownScenarioMarcel Weyers
Legend of the Silver FoxunknownComposerMarcel Weyers
Legend of the Silver FoxunknownDirectorMarcel Weyers
Legend of the Silver Fox German editionunknownTranslatorMarcel Weyers
The Question German edition2006-12-03TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Ripples German edition2008-01-28TranslatorMarcel Weyers
[text] - A Summer Story German edition2009-03-12TranslatorMarcel Weyers
The Cute, Light and Fluffy Project German edition2009-07-28TranslatorMarcel Weyers
RE: Alistair German edition2010-02-28TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Jisei German edition2010-06-08TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Phantom Seeds German edition2010-10-10TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Double Romance German edition2011-01-28TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Anyo's Love German edition2011-03-25TranslatorMarcel Weyers
My Magical Cosplay Cafe German edition2011-04-01TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Finding a Murderer German edition2011-04-15TranslatorMarcel Weyers
dUpLicity ~Uso no Saki ni Aru Mono~ German edition2011-07-01TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Kansei German edition2011-07-11TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Soulmates2011-09-09ScenarioMarcel Weyers
Soulmates2011-09-09ComposerMarcel Weyers
Soulmates2011-09-09DirectorMarcel Weyers
Soulmates German edition2011-09-09TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Café Zero ~Oboreta Ningyou~ German edition2011-10-04TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Attack of the Mutant Zombie Vampire Frogs German edition2011-10-31TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Witch Spell German edition2011-11-01TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Train of Afterlife German edition2012-01-13TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Sleepless Night2012-03-31ScenarioMarcel Weyers
Sleepless Night2012-03-31ComposerMarcel Weyers
Sleepless Night2012-03-31DirectorMarcel Weyers
Sleepless Night German edition2012-03-31TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Nanolife German edition2012-04-01TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Ristorante Amore German edition2012-04-01TranslatorMarcel Weyers
The Knife of the Traitor German edition2012-04-01TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Legend of the Piper Girl German edition2012-04-22TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Trapped German edition2012-05-03TranslatorMarcel Weyers
The Elevator German edition2012-05-08TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Heartful Chance~! German edition2012-05-12TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Being Beauteous German edition2012-06-04TranslatorMarcel Weyers
East Tower German edition2012-07-26TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Locked-In German edition2012-07-28TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Grinning Heart: The Meeting German edition2012-08-02TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Summer Found Me German edition2012-09-22TranslatorMarcel Weyers
a2 ~a due~ German edition2013-03-01TranslatorMarcel Weyers
This Is Where I Want To Die2013-03-17ScenarioMarcel Weyers
This Is Where I Want To Die2013-03-17ComposerMarcel Weyers
This Is Where I Want To Die2013-03-17DirectorMarcel Weyers
This Is Where I Want To Die German edition2013-03-17TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Signed X German edition2013-03-31TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Ambre German edition2013-04-01TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Days of the Divine German edition2013-04-02TranslatorMarcel Weyers
AMI - Autonomous Mechanical Individual German edition2013-04-04TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Night at the Hospital German edition2013-04-10TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Witch/Knight German edition2013-04-10TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Princess Battles German edition2013-07-26TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Always The Same Blue Sky... German edition2013-08-09TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Miranda's Choice German edition2013-08-10TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Sleepless Night 2: Ladies' Night(mare)2013-10-31ScenarioMarcel Weyers
Sleepless Night 2: Ladies' Night(mare)2013-10-31ComposerMarcel Weyers
Sleepless Night 2: Ladies' Night(mare)2013-10-31DirectorMarcel Weyers
Sleepless Night 2: Ladies' Night(mare) German edition2013-10-31TranslatorMarcel Weyers
A Rose by Any Other Name German edition2013-12-23TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Grinning Heart: The Voyage German edition2014-01-12TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Hammer German edition2014-03-27TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Midnight Chaos2014-04-01ScenarioMarcel Weyers
Midnight Chaos2014-04-01ComposerMarcel Weyers
Midnight Chaos2014-04-01DirectorMarcel Weyers
Midnight Chaos German edition2014-04-01TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Fear Not German edition2014-04-16TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Invisible Apartment German edition2014-06-12TranslatorMarcel Weyers
To Kill A Black Swan2014-06-25ScenarioMarcel Weyers
To Kill A Black Swan2014-06-25ComposerMarcel Weyers
To Kill A Black Swan2014-06-25DirectorMarcel Weyers
To Kill A Black Swan German edition2014-06-25TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Garden of Oblivion German edition2014-08-26TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Red Ogre and Blue Ogre German edition2014-09-15TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Voices from the Sea German edition2014-09-16TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Without Within German edition2014-12-21TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Ghost Fall German edition2015-02-16TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Who is Mike? German edition2015-04-21TranslatorMarcel Weyers
An Owl and a Crow German edition2015-05-01TranslatorMarcel Weyers
A Sparrow with Her Tongue Cut German edition2015-05-01TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Crow and a Scarecrow German edition2015-05-01TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Mountain Pigeon German edition2015-05-01TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Sparrow and Woodpecker German edition2015-05-01TranslatorMarcel Weyers
The Crane Lady German edition2015-05-01TranslatorMarcel Weyers
The Sparrow's Gourd German edition2015-05-01TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Starfighter: Eclipse German edition2015-05-21TranslatorMarcel Weyers
The Censor German edition2015-06-04TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Anata no Kamen no Hazushikata German edition2015-06-07TranslatorMarcel Weyers
The Tale of the Talking Frog German edition2015-06-11TranslatorMarcel Weyers
The Mermaid, the Sea and the Boy's Summer German edition2015-06-27TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Hooked German edition2015-07-23TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet German edition2015-10-31TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Break Chance Memento German edition2015-12-16TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Sakura Santa German edition2015-12-21TranslatorMarcel Weyers
The Diary German edition2016-02-15TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Café Zero ~Nemureru Yajuu~ German edition2016-10-29TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Natural - Beyond Nature - German edition2016-12-12TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Black German edition2017-04-07TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Blind Men German edition2017-04-30TranslatorMarcel Weyers
One-Eyed Lee: Prologue German edition2017-06-17TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Les Quatre Alices German edition2017-08-28TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Usotsuki na Ou-sama no Damashikata German edition2017-10-04TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Sakura Gamer German edition2017-10-05TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Legends of Talia: Arcadia German edition2017-10-27TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Sakura Cupid German edition2018-02-12TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Raven Curse2018-08-08ScenarioMarcel Weyers
Raven Curse2018-08-08ComposerMarcel Weyers
Raven Curse2018-08-08DirectorMarcel Weyers
Raven Curse German edition2018-08-08TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Tales From Windy Meadow German edition2018-12-20TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Kokoro o Hiraku Utaikata German edition2019-01-17TranslatorMarcel Weyers
A HERO AND A GARDEN German edition2019-03-29TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Exogenesis - Perils of Rebirth German edition2019-04-19TranslatorMarcel Weyers
My Burning Heart German edition2019-07-20TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Dating Life: Miley X Emily German edition2019-07-31TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Dry Drowning German edition2019-08-02TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Love Esquire German edition2019-10-08TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Sakura Fox Adventure German edition2019-10-25TranslatorMarcel Weyers
One-Eyed Lee and the Dinner Party German edition2019-12-18TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Sakura Succubus German edition2020-03-31TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Sakura Succubus 2 German edition2020-07-20TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Takorita Meets Fries German edition2020-09-30TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Sakura Succubus 3 German edition2020-11-02TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Sakura Succubus 4 German edition2021-03-01TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Perfect Gold: The Alchemy of Happiness German edition2021-04-19TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Psycholonials German edition2021-04-20TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Jian Ai German edition2021-05-10TranslatorMarcel Weyers
The Divine Speaker German edition2022-03-30TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Sakura Succubus 5 German edition2022-04-04TranslatorMarcel Weyers
The Symbiant German edition2023-02-02TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Saint Maker German edition2023-02-22TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly2023-04-20StaffMarcel WeyersLocalization manager
Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly German edition2023-04-20TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Harmony: The Fall of Reverie German edition2023-06-08TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Goodbye Volcano High German edition2023-08-29TranslatorMarcel Weyers
Goodbye Volcano High German edition2023-08-29Quality assuranceMarcel Weyers