Marcel Weyers

Marcel Weyers 
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A German author and translator. Creator of the Sleepless Night series and other visual novels.


Legend of the Silver FoxunknownScenarioMarcel Weyers
Legend of the Silver FoxunknownComposerMarcel Weyers
Soulmates2011-09-09ScenarioMarcel Weyers
Soulmates2011-09-09ComposerMarcel Weyers
Sleepless Night2012-03-31ScenarioMarcel Weyers
Sleepless Night2012-03-31ComposerMarcel Weyers
This is Where I Want to Die2013-03-17ScenarioMarcel Weyers
This is Where I Want to Die2013-03-17ComposerMarcel Weyers
Sleepless Night 2: Ladies' Night(mare)2013-10-31ScenarioMarcel Weyers
Sleepless Night 2: Ladies' Night(mare)2013-10-31ComposerMarcel Weyers
Midnight Chaos2014-04-01ScenarioMarcel Weyers
Midnight Chaos2014-04-01ComposerMarcel Weyers
To Kill A Black Swan2014-06-25ScenarioMarcel Weyers
To Kill A Black Swan2014-06-25ComposerMarcel Weyers
Raven Curse2018-08-08ScenarioMarcel Weyers
Raven Curse2018-08-08ComposerMarcel Weyers
Sleepless Night 3TBAScenarioMarcel Weyers
Sleepless Night 3TBAComposerMarcel Weyers