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s3959.82019-09-03 at 11:51multiKazuki FumiAutomatic extraction of Pixiv id from the notes.
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s3959.62015-05-10 at 03:25skorpiondeathKazuki Fumiadded erogetrailer link
s3959.52015-05-10 at 01:35nutellafanKazuki FumiI didn't intend to give this writer a gender. Must have accidentally clicked it or something.
s3959.42015-05-09 at 20:38eacilKazuki FumiI am curious nutellafan, where did you find his (male) gender when Fumi is mostly a female given name? >> link
s3959.32015-05-09 at 11:45nutellafanKazuki FumiEdited writer info.
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