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Kouguchi Moto

こうぐち もと

Kouguchi Motoこうぐち もと
Mai Hime舞姫
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Kouguchi Moto is a Japanese illustrator specializes in illustration for adult audience with specific fetish (such as SM, scatology, and loli). His/her Pixiv link.

Credits (13)

Kegareta Eiyuu ~Jain Seijo Gari~2002-09-13StaffMai HimeCG
Moekko Nurse2003-04-18ArtistMai Hime
Koneko Doumei2004-02-20ArtistMai Hime
Musumaker2008-12-19Character designKouguchi Moto
Musumaker2008-12-19ArtistKouguchi Moto
Otome Switch ~Kare ga Motteru Kanojo no Remocon~2013-11-29Character designKouguchi Moto
Otome Switch ~Kare ga Motteru Kanojo no Remocon~2013-11-29ArtistKouguchi Moto
Tincle ★ Twinkle Festival!2015-11-27Character designKouguchi Moto
Tincle ★ Twinkle Festival!2015-11-27ArtistKouguchi Moto
Tantei Seven2017-06-30Character designKouguchi Moto
Tantei Seven2017-06-30ArtistKouguchi Moto
Cute Resort ~Shiyou yo♥ Ecchi na Activity~2018-07-27ArtistKouguchi Moto
Houkai Tenshi Astraea2019-01-25ArtistKouguchi Moto