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Ichi Motoi

伊地 幹

Ichi Motoi伊地 幹
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Produces games under the circle name Harawari.

Credits (11)

And Goodbye Forever2012-04-12ScenarioIchi Motoi
And Goodbye Forever2012-04-12DirectorIchi Motoi
Boku no Yuganda 35 Nichi2012-05-07ScenarioIchi Motoi
Boku no Yuganda 35 Nichi2012-05-07DirectorIchi Motoi
Yuubin'ya-san!2012-05-19ScenarioIchi Motoi
Yuubin'ya-san!2012-05-19DirectorIchi Motoi
Okubyou na Juudenki2012-08-18ScenarioIchi Motoi
Okubyou na Juudenki2012-08-18DirectorIchi Motoi
Boukyaku no Numa2013-08-07ScenarioIchi Motoi
Boukyaku no Numa2013-08-07DirectorIchi Motoi
Aim∴Ai2018-02-23ScenarioIchi Motoi