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C.G Mix

C.G Mix
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Hatakeyama Shinji is one of the main composers of the Japanese music production I've Sound.

The meaning of his well-known alias, "C.G Mix", is "Communication Groove mix". C.G mix has already composed many songs for visual novel games and recently, anime theme songs for the I've Sound singers. Also a singer, he also performs songs for visual games but mostly for BL (Boy's Love) games. In 2001, he joined I've Sound and immediately became a composer and arranger of the group. He also features the use of rock music when creating his music but most of his songs are rather categorized as electronica.

Source: AniDB
Gakuen Heaven: Boy's Love Scramble!2002-08-02VocalsC.G MixPS2 OP "Welcome to HEAVEN!"
BALDR FORCE2002-11-01ComposerC.G MixOP Composition and Arrangement
Aniyome2002-11-15ComposerC.G MixOP
Shinjin Kangofu Miho ~Juukyuusai no Kutsujoku Nikki~2002-11-22ComposerC.G MixED Composition
Gibo Shimai2003-02-14ComposerC.G MixOP
Colorful Kiss ~12 ko no Mune Kyun!~2003-03-14ComposerC.G MixOP
Chocolat ~maid cafe "curio"~2003-04-04ComposerC.G Mix
Gibo Shimai SLG2003-05-16ComposerC.G MixOP
Gaku Love ~Wagamama na Ponytail~2003-10-31ComposerC.G MixTheme Song Composition and Arrangement
Mainichi Suki Shite2003-10-31ComposerC.G MixOP
Shiritsu Rape Jogakuin2003-11-28ComposerC.G MixED
Colorful Heart ~12 ko no Kyururun♪~2004-02-06ComposerC.G MixTheme Song Composition
Aneimo ~Ai to H no Step Up~2004-09-17ComposerC.G MixOP
DUEL SAVIOR2004-10-01ComposerC.G MixOP
Gakuen Heaven: Okawari!2005-02-24VocalsC.G MixOP "Welcome to HEAVEN! -Remix-"
Parfait ~Chocolat Second Brew~2005-03-25ComposerC.G MixOP
Naisho no Tintin Time2005-08-26ComposerC.G MixOP composition and arrangement
Tsuyokiss2005-08-26ComposerC.G MixED composition and arrangement
Yatohime Zankikou2005-12-16ComposerC.G MixED Composition & Arrangement
Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku o2006-03-31ComposerC.G Mix
Prism Ark ~Prism Heart Episode 2~2006-08-25ComposerC.G Mix
Minikiss ~Tsuyokiss Fan Disc~2006-12-15ComposerC.G MixED
Aneimo 2 ~Second Stage~2007-04-27ComposerC.G MixSecond OP
Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de2007-05-25ComposerC.G MixED Composition and Arrangement
Kichiku Megane2007-07-20VocalsC.G MixTheme song "under the darkness"
Erosmash!2007-07-27ComposerC.G MixTheme song composition, arrangement
Prism Ark Lovelove Maximum!2008-01-25ComposerC.G MixInsert song
Colorful Wish ~12ko no Maji★kyun!~2008-04-25ComposerC.G MixOP
Mare Mare Mare2008-12-19ComposerC.G Mix
BALDR SKY Dive1 "Lost Memory"2009-03-27ComposerC.G MixOP
Kichiku Megane R Kichiku Megane Fan Disc2009-03-27VocalsC.G MixTheme song "under the darkness -remix-"
Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!2009-08-28ComposerC.G MixFirst ED
Hachimitsu Otome Blossomdays2009-10-23ComposerC.G MixOP Composition and Arrangement
BALDR SKY Dive2 "RECORDARE"2009-11-27ComposerC.G MixOP
Steal!2009-11-27ComposerC.G MixOP Composition and Arrangement
Steal!2009-11-27VocalsC.G MixOP "True Eyes"
Shakkin Shimai 2 Afterstory2010-02-26ComposerC.G MixOP
Motto Nee, Chanto Shiyou yo!2010-07-30ComposerC.G MixPC OP
Prism ☆ Magical ~Prism Generations!~2010-08-27ComposerC.G MixThird OP
Love-Bride Eve2011-08-26ComposerC.G MixOP
Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! S2012-01-27ComposerC.G MixMonshiro ED, "Mirai Jigazou"
Twinkle ☆ Crusaders -Passion Star Stream-2012-02-10ComposerC.G MixOP
Yukiiro ~Sora ni Rokka no Sumu Machi~2012-04-27ComposerC.G MixOP composition, arrangement
Yaneura no Kanojo2012-12-20ComposerC.G MixPC OP
Ren'ai Replay2013-04-10ComposerC.G MixED arrangement
Aneimo Neo+ ~Second Sisters~2013-11-29ComposerC.G MixOP composition, arrangement
Soshite Kirameku Otome to Himitsu⁵2013-11-29ComposerC.G MixOP
Baldr Sky "Zero" 22014-03-28ComposerC.G MixOP
Gakuen Heaven 2 ~Double Scramble!~2014-07-11ComposerC.G MixOP Composition and Arrangement
Gakuen Heaven 2 ~Double Scramble!~2014-07-11VocalsC.G MixOP "Happy→GO☆Lucky→"
Shirogane x Spirits!2015-03-27ComposerC.G Mix
Koi no Honey Trap ~Ecchi de Amai Honey Trap~2016-01-29ComposerC.G MixOP
Baldr Bringer2017-10-27ComposerC.G MixOP
Baldr Bringer Extend Code2018-05-25ComposerC.G MixOP
Ai Kiss 22020-11-27ComposerC.G MixAyame & Hinata ED, Towako ED, Nanase ED, An ED composition
Senkou no Clarias2021-02-26ComposerC.G MixInsert song