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Konno Hinako

紺野 比奈子

Konno Hinako紺野 比奈子
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Konno Hinako (January 10th [undisclosed birth year] - August 18th 2015) was a Japanese manga artist, illustrator and occasional lyricist. Before April 2010, she was known simply as "ひな (Hina)".

She was also a member of Love Solfege as one of their lyricists.

On August 18th, 2015, Konno passed away due to an acute heart disease.
Volume 72008-10-24StaffKonno HinakoInsert song lyrics
airy[F]airy ~Easter of Sant' Ariccia~2010-01-29StaffKonno HinakoED Lyrics
Albatross Koukairoku2010-07-23StaffKonno HinakoOP lyrics
Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~2010-11-25StaffKonno HinakoOP lyrics
Shinigami to Shoujo2011-07-28StaffKonno HinakoED lyrics
Princess Arthur2013-03-28StaffKonno HinakoOP lyrics
Shinsengumi Amazing ~Hoteru Karada to Koibonoo~2014-10-12StaffKonno HinakoSwitch OP lyrics
Taishou x Alice2015-02-20StaffKonno HinakoLyricist of all versions of OP "some song i forgot" and ED "with all of my heart"
Reine des Fleurs2015-08-20StaffKonno HinakoLyrics