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Ooyama You

大山 曜

Ooyama You大山 曜
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Ooyama You is a Japanese composer and a member of Zizz Studio.

Credits (18)

Phantom of Inferno2000-02-25ComposerOoyama You
"Hello, World."2002-09-27ComposerOoyama YouBGM, insert songs "There's the earth link somewhere" and "PA! PA! Paradise" composition and arrangement, "PA! PA! Paradise" lyrics
Shamana Shamana ~Tsuki to Kokoro to Taiyou no Mahou~2004-05-28ComposerOoyama YouBGM
Chibi Mama2004-12-10ComposerOoyama YouBGM, ED "Mirai Kitto Zutto!"
Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru2005-01-28ComposerOoyama YouBGM
Jingai Makyou2005-06-24ComposerOoyama YouOP "Kokou no Konpaku"
Hanachirasu2005-09-30ComposerOoyama You
Kishin Hishou Demonbane2006-05-26ComposerOoyama You2nd OP & 3rd OP composition, arrangement
Chaos;Head2008-04-25ComposerOoyama YouBGM
Chaos;Head Noah2009-02-26ComposerOoyama YouBGM
Boku no Te no Naka no Rakuen2009-03-27ComposerOoyama YouSongs
Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru ~Futari no Elder~2010-06-30ComposerOoyama YouPSP OP, Insert songs
Prism ☆ Magical ~Prism Generations!~2010-08-27ComposerOoyama YouThird ED composition
Gekka Ryouran Romance2011-09-15ComposerOoyama YouBGM
Bakudan★Handan2012-06-14ComposerOoyama YouBGM, OP & "Breakbeat" composition and arrangement
Chaos;Child2014-12-18ComposerOoyama YouTrue ED composition and arrangement
Tokyo Necro2016-01-29ComposerOoyama YouOP
Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru: Trinkle Stars2018-02-23ComposerOoyama YouBGM, insert song