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Hashimoto Hikoshi

橋本 彦士

Hashimoto Hikoshi橋本 彦士
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Hashimoto Hikoshi (better known as Hiko) is the composer part of Kiriko/Hiko Sound. He is also a member of DeviceHigh.

In the 90s he composed for a number of games from Sega and related companies (such as SIMS), as well as for a number of games from May-Be Soft and MBS Truth.

Most recently, he has composed for a few mobile games, namely Brave Frontier.

Credits (31)

Prontis1991-02ComposerHashimoto Hikoshi
Blind Games1996-09-20ComposerHiko
High School Days1996-11-22ComposerHiko
Girigiri Paradise1998-01-23ComposerHiko
Zutto Issho1998-03-12ComposerHashimoto HikoshiBGM
Lord Monarch -Shin Gaia Oukokuki-1998-12-23ComposerHashimoto Hikoshi
Maboroshi Tsukiyo1999-09-23ComposerHashimoto HikoshiOP composition, arrangement, ED arrangement
Fifth1999-10-22ComposerHikoBGM, ED
Fifth -Twin-2000-08-25ComposerHikoBGM, ED
Little Monica Monogatari2001-09-21ComposerHikoBGM, theme song, insert song
Kijoku: Princess Double Gari2003-05-30ComposerHikoOP
Apocalypse ~Deus Ex Machina~2003-07-25ComposerHashimoto HikoshiBGM
Please teach! My Angel2003-08-29ComposerHashimoto HikoshiBGM
Midorigafuchi Yotogi no Mura no Oyome-sama2004-01-30ComposerHiko
Realize2004-04-23ComposerHashimoto HikoshiArrangement
North Wind2004-09-24ComposerHikoFirst OP arrangement
Fifth Aile2004-11-12ComposerHikoOP composition, arrangement, ED arrangement
Tenshi de Akuma2004-11-12ComposerHikoBGM, OP
Yoimachi-hime ~Taishou Inwai Kyuuketsuki-tan~2004-11-26ComposerHikoBGM, OP
School Days2005-04-28ComposerHikoBGM, OP, True ED "Bye-Bye Tears", True ED "Hello, My Happiness" arrangement, True ED "Kanashimi no Mukou he" arrangement
Shimai Kyoushi Donburi - The sexy class of the sister tea...2005-07-29ComposerHiko
Oshikake Scramble "Ano Ko to Watashi, Docchi o Erabu no...?"2006-02-24ComposerHikoOP
Summer Days2006-06-23ComposerHiko"Yakusoku ~girlhood's end~"
Cross Days2010-03-19ComposerHikoTheme song
Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 3rd Story2010-06-24ComposerHashimoto HikoshiBGM