Toshima Chihaya

豊島 千早

Toshima Chihaya豊島 千早
Toshima Chihayaとしま ちはや
Toshima Chihaya豊島 ちはや

Toshima Chihaya is a Japanese artist and character designer and was once a member of Tomboy.


Cat's Part 11993-02-28Character designToshima Chihaya
Cat's Part 11993-02-28ArtistToshima Chihaya
Paradise Arena1994-06-24ArtistToshima ChihayaOP, ED art
Can Can Bunny Limited 5 1/21994-11-11Character designToshima Chihaya
Can Can Bunny Limited 5 1/21994-11-11ArtistToshima ChihayaAnimation director
Romance wa Tsurugi no Kagayaki - The Last Crusader-1995-06-23Character designToshima Chihaya
Star Trap1996-01-26Character designToshima Chihaya
Star Trap1996-01-26StaffToshima ChihayaAnimation director