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Gotou Junji

後藤 潤二

Gotou Junji後藤 潤二
Gotou Junjiごとう じゅんじ
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Gotou Junji, born on 31st March, 1973, is a Japanese freelance animator and illustrator from Kanagawa.

He is credited as "ごとう じゅんじ", the hiragana spelling of his name when working for adult games.

Credits (25)

Mahjong Gensoukyoku II1993-08-06ArtistSequential2001 version
Gone ~Sugisarishi Hibi~1998-10-16ArtistSequential
Mahjong Mokushiroku1999-01-29ArtistSequential
Lost Mind ~Yuganda Sekai~1999-06-17ArtistSequential
Essence Lost1999-11-06ArtistSequential
Girigiri Date2000-03-31ArtistSequential
Bible Black -La Noche de Walpurgis-2000-07-14ArtistSequentialOriginal picture help
Maamoku Remix!! ~The Mah-Jang Remix~2000-07-28ArtistSequential
Pia♥Carrot e Youkoso!! 2.22000-12-02Character designGotou Junji
Sister Princess2001-03-08ArtistGotou Junji
Assassin Ann2001-10-19ArtistJunnosuke
Assassin Ann2001-10-19StaffSequentialOriginal Picture Supervision
Sister Princess ~Pure Stories~2001-12-13ArtistGotou Junji
Juusou Koujo Metal Princess2002-02-22ArtistSequential
Sister Princess 22003-03-20Character designGotou Junji
Sister Princess 22003-03-20ArtistGotou Junji
Sister Princess 2 Premium Fan Disc2003-11-13Character designGotou Junji
Sister Princess 2 Premium Fan Disc2003-11-13ArtistGotou Junji
Summer Radish Vacation!! 22004-08-13Character designGotou Junji
School Days2005-04-28Character designGotou Junji
Seven -Sympathy for the Fairies-2005-06-03ArtistSequential
Summer Days2006-06-23Character designGotou Junji
Cross Days2010-03-19Character designGotou Junji
Shiny Days2012-04-27Character designGotou Junji
Island Days2014-07-03Character designGotou Junji