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s6023.72016-09-23 at 16:17varioNorizanefix
s6023.62016-08-22 at 21:29shinnewNorizaneRemoved alias. They are different persons unless she gets people to pretend to be her on pictures and is talking to herself using multiple twitter
s6023.52016-06-07 at 00:18novellaNorizaneGender
s6023.42016-04-07 at 19:23eacilNorizanealias - QUESTIONABLE TRANSCRIPTION
s6023.32016-03-31 at 14:05nutellafanNorizaneSpacing.
s6023.22016-03-28 at 11:36girlplayerNorizanename
s6023.12015-08-13 at 18:11ds1150Norizanenew