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Sorcie're Sound Design


Sorcie're Sound Designソルシエール・サウンド・デザイン
Sorcie're Sound Design is a sound unit made up of Fujiwara Moriji and Hirabayashi Seiji.
Miss Moonlight2001-06-21ComposerSorcie're Sound DesignMusic
Miss Moonlight2001-06-21StaffSorcie're Sound DesignSound
Toga ~Kegareta Shizuku~2002-04-12ComposerSorcie're Sound Design
Boku to 4-nin no Onna Kyoushi2004-06-25ComposerSorcie're Sound Design
Kira*kira... Renewal2004-08-13ComposerSorcie're Sound Design
Debo no Subako2005-12-22StaffSorcie're Sound DesignVoice recording
Netorare -Naked Trance Ramble-2006-11-17ComposerSorcie're Sound Design
Kira*Kira2010-03-10ComposerSorcie're Sound Design