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Taguchi Yasuhiro

田口 泰宏

Taguchi Yasuhiro田口 泰宏
Shibuya Dougen渋谷 道玄

Taguchi Yasuhiro is a Japanese composer and programmer.

He started his career at Enix in 1987. At some point (likely 1988) he joined TamTam. He then joined Cube in 1990 under the alias Shibuya Dougen. Also in 1990, he joined Climax. He remained employed by Enix until 1991 and TamTam until 1992.

Around 1992, he left Climax to join Sonic! Software Planning, where he worked as director and programmer on many of the games in their Shining series, until Sonic's merger with Camelot Software Planning in 1998.

After the merger he continued to work for Camelot where he still works to this day. At Camelot he has worked as a programmer on their Golden Sun series as well as many of their other games.

Credits (27)

Jesus1987-04-28ComposerTaguchi YasuhiroAssistant
Wingman Special -Saraba Yume Senshi-1987-12StaffTaguchi YasuhiroMusic program
Angelus ~Akuma no Fukuin~1988-07ComposerTaguchi YasuhiroSound effects
Angelus ~Akuma no Fukuin~1988-07StaffTaguchi YasuhiroMusic program
Pinky Ponky 1 - Beautiful Dream1989-07-13ComposerTaguchi YasuhiroX68000 ver.
Pinky Ponky 1 - Beautiful Dream1989-07-13StaffTaguchi YasuhiroX68000 sound driver (Uncredited)
Pinky Ponky 2 - Twilight Games1989-07-13ComposerTaguchi YasuhiroX68000 ver.
Pinky Ponky 2 - Twilight Games1989-07-13StaffTaguchi YasuhiroX68000 sound driver (Uncredited)
Pinky Ponky 3 - Battle Lover1989-07-13ComposerTaguchi YasuhiroX68000 ver.
Pinky Ponky 3 - Battle Lover1989-07-13StaffTaguchi YasuhiroX68000 sound driver (Uncredited)
Dragon Knight1989-11-01StaffTaguchi YasuhiroX68000 sound driver (Uncredited)
RAY-GUN1990-05-15ComposerTaguchi YasuhiroX68000 ver. arrangement
RAY-GUN1990-05-15StaffTaguchi YasuhiroX68000 sound driver (Uncredited)
De-Ja1990-06-15StaffTaguchi YasuhiroX68000 sound driver (Uncredited)
Dragon Knight II1990-12-20StaffTaguchi YasuhiroX68000 sound driver (Uncredited)
Akagawa Jirou no Yuurei Ressha1991-02-08ComposerTaguchi YasuhiroSound effects
Jesus II1991-03-24StaffTaguchi YasuhiroSound
Foxy 21991-04-12ComposerTaguchi Yasuhiro
Foxy 21991-04-12StaffTaguchi YasuhiroX68000 sound driver (Uncredited)
ELLE1991-06-23ComposerTaguchi Yasuhiro
ELLE1991-06-23StaffTaguchi YasuhiroX68000 sound driver (Uncredited)
Dragon Knight III1991-07-06ComposerTaguchi YasuhiroX68000 ver. arrangement
Dragon Knight III1991-07-06StaffShibuya DougenX68000 sound driver (Uncredited)
Shangrlia1991-08-28ComposerTaguchi Yasuhiro
Shangrlia1991-08-28StaffTaguchi YasuhiroX68000 sound driver (Uncredited)
Tenshin Ranma1992-03-18ComposerTaguchi YasuhiroX68000 ver. arrangement
Tenshin Ranma1992-03-18StaffShibuya DougenX68000 sound driver (Uncredited)