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Washimi Tsutomu

鷲見 努

Washimi Tsutomu鷲見 努
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Washimi Tsutomu is a Japanese artist and character designer. He originally worked for IDES/F&C but later went to Aquaplus/Leaf.

Credits (25)

Can Can Bunny Extra1993-06-25StaffCHARMCG edit
Denwa no Bell ga...1993-08-17StaffCHARMColoring
Demon City1993-12-21StaffCHARMCG edit
Halfmoon ni Kawaru made ~Ramiya Ryou no Niji-iro Tamatebako~1994-04-28StaffCharmMiscellaneous, test play
Can Can Bunny Limited 5 1/21994-11-11ArtistCHARMCG
True Heart1994-12-16StaffCHARMCG edit
Doki Doki Vacation ~Kirameku Kisetsu no Naka de~1995-01-27StaffCHARMCG director
Noushuku Angel 120%1995-04-14ArtistCHARMCG staff
Dora Dora Emotion ~Seihaiden~1995-07-21ArtistCHARMGyokuran, Lamia, Milia, Serious
Dora Dora Emotion ~Seihaiden~1995-07-21StaffCHARMCG supervision, CG edit
Custom Mate 31995-12-08StaffCHARMGraphic assistant, CG edit
Travel Junction1996-06-28StaffCHARMArt director
Pia♥Carrot e Youkoso!! ~We've Been Waiting for You~1996-07-26ArtistCHARMGraphic, original picture
Can Can Bunny Premiere 21996-12-20ArtistCHARM
Pia♥Carrot e Youkoso!! 21997-10-31ArtistCHARM
Pia Carrot Toybox1998-10-30Character designCHARM
Comic Party1999-05-28ScenarioWashimi Tsutomu
Comic Party1999-05-28DirectorWashimi Tsutomu
Comic Party1999-05-28StaffCHARMGuest information cooperation
Comic Party1999-05-28StaffWashimi TsutomuPlanning
Utawarerumono2002-04-26DirectorWashimi Tsutomu
Tenshi no Inai 12-gatsu2003-09-26DirectorWashimi Tsutomu
To Heart 22004-12-28DirectorWashimi Tsutomu
To Heart 2 - Another Days2008-02-29DirectorWashimi Tsutomu
To Heart 2 - Another Days2008-02-29StaffWashimi TsutomuScript, system graphic desing