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Kotomi Youji

ことみ ようじ

Kotomi Youjiことみ ようじ
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Kotomi Youji is a Japanese illustrator who has done work for manga and (mostly adult) visual novels.

Credits (22)

Haruharo!unknownCharacter designKotomi Youji
Haruharo!unknownArtistKotomi Youji
Shinobu - Tsukikage no Meikyuu2000-07-14ArtistKotomi Youji
Parallel Harmony ~Getsuyou no Tobira wa Suiyou no Mukou ni~2000-11-24ArtistKotomi Youji
Konoha Challenge2001-12-14Character designKotomi Youji
Konoha Challenge2001-12-14ArtistKotomi Youji
Chikyuu no Heiwa o Mamoru tame!!2003-02-28Character designKotomi Youji
Chikyuu no Heiwa o Mamoru tame!!2003-02-28ArtistKotomi Youji
Pretty Candead!2003-05-30Character designKotomi Youji
Pretty Candead!2003-05-30ArtistKotomi Youji
Yami no Koe Ibunroku2005-07-29Character designKotomi Youji
Yami no Koe Ibunroku2005-07-29ArtistKotomi Youji
Before Dawn Daybreak ~Shin'en no Utahime~2008-10-24Character designKotomi Youji
Before Dawn Daybreak ~Shin'en no Utahime~2008-10-24ArtistKotomi Youji
Inunaki2011-03-25Character designKotomi Youji
Inunaki2011-03-25ArtistKotomi Youji
Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen ~Eden with roses and phantasm~2015-05-28ArtistKotomi YoujiSub artist
Mashou Megane2016-07-29Character designKotomi Youji
Mashou Megane2016-07-29ArtistKotomi Youji
Paradise2017-11-30ArtistKotomi Youji
Paradise -MUSUBI-2018-10-12Character designKotomi Youji
Paradise -MUSUBI-2018-10-12ArtistKotomi Youji