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note, changing back to takeuchi takashi, since he almost never uses his real name
NamesTakeuchi Takashi (武内 崇)
Takeuchi Tomotaka (竹内 友崇) (primary)
Takeuchi Takashi (武内 崇) (primary)
Takeuchi Tomotaka (竹内 友崇)
DescriptionBetter known as Takeuchi Takashi. Japanese artist, [url=/p6]Type-Moon[/url] co-founder. Former CG artist for [url=/p4782]Compile Co., Ltd.[/url].Real name is Takeuchi Tomotaka. Japanese artist, [url=/p6]Type-Moon[/url] co-founder. Former CG artist for [url=/p4782]Compile Co., Ltd.[/url].

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Takeuchi Takashi

武内 崇

Takeuchi Takashi武内 崇
Takeuchi Tomotaka竹内 友崇
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Real name is Takeuchi Tomotaka. Japanese artist, Type-Moon co-founder. Former CG artist for Compile Co., Ltd..

Credits (29)

Tsukihime2000-08-11Character designTakeuchi Takashi
Tsukihime2000-08-11ArtistTakeuchi Takashi
Tsukihime2000-08-11StaffTakeuchi TakashiPlanning, development supervision, CG
Tsukihime Plus-Disc2001-02Character designTakeuchi Takashi
Tsukihime Plus-Disc2001-02ArtistTakeuchi Takashi
Kagetsu Tooya2001-08-13Character designTakeuchi Takashi
Kagetsu Tooya2001-08-13ArtistTakeuchi Takashi
Kagetsu Tooya2001-08-13StaffTakeuchi TakashiPlanning, development supervision, CG
Melty Blood2002-12-30Character designTakeuchi Takashi
Melty Blood2002-12-30ArtistTakeuchi Takashi
Fate/Stay Night2004-01-30Character designTakeuchi Takashi
Fate/Stay Night2004-01-30ArtistTakeuchi Takashi
Fate/Stay Night2004-01-30StaffTakeuchi TomotakaProducer, development management
Fate/Stay Night2004-01-30StaffTakeuchi TakashiPlanning, layout
Fate/Hollow Ataraxia2005-10-28Character designTakeuchi Takashi
Fate/Hollow Ataraxia2005-10-28ArtistTakeuchi Takashi
Fate/Hollow Ataraxia2005-10-28StaffTakeuchi TomotakaOriginal version producer
Fate/Hollow Ataraxia2005-10-28StaffTakeuchi TakashiPlanning
ef - a fairy tale of the two.2006-12-11StaffTakeuchi TakashiSpecial thanks
428 ~Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de~2008-12-04Character designTakeuchi TakashiBonus chapter: Canaan
Fate/Extra2010-07-22Character designTakeuchi TakashiServant design
Fate/Extra2010-07-22StaffTakeuchi TakashiCharacter design supervision
Mahoutsukai no Yoru2012-04-12Character designTakeuchi Takashi
Mahoutsukai no Yoru2012-04-12StaffTakeuchi TakashiPlanning, producer
Fate/Extra CCC2013-03-28Character designTakeuchi TakashiOriginal character design
Fate/Extella2016-11-10Character designTakeuchi TakashiOriginal character design
Fate/Extella Link2018-06-07Character designTakeuchi TakashiOriginal character design
Deep One2018-10-26StaffTakeuchi TakashiSupport maker
TsukihimeTBAArtistTakeuchi Takashi