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doubleeleven undercurrent

doubleeleven undercurrent
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doubleeleven undercurrent is a Japanese musical duo consisting of Harukawa Akari (vocals, lyrics) and Yamashita Kousei (composition and arrangement).

Credits (6)

Touma Kojirou no Tantei File ~Opera Za no Kaijin Satsujin...2012-05-25Vocalsdoubleeleven undercurrentOP "touch the phantom"
Touma Kojirou no Tantei File ~Seikokuka Gakuen Satsujin J...2012-07-06Vocalsdoubleeleven undercurrentOP "forbidden fruits"
Tozasareta In'yoku no Gakuen2013-01-25Composerdoubleeleven undercurrentOP production
Elf to Injoku no Mori2013-04-05Composerdoubleeleven undercurrentOP production
JK Bitch Pakopako Life2015-10-16Composerdoubleeleven undercurrent
JK Bitch Pakopako Life2015-10-16Vocalsdoubleeleven undercurrentOP "To Be Free"