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Hitachi Makoto

樋舘 誠

Hitachi Makoto樋舘 誠

Credits (21)

Enbou no Felshis ~Horizon of the Earth and Sky~2010-07-30StaffHitachi MakotoScript
Venus Blood -Abyss-2011-09-30StaffHitachi MakotoScript
Venus Blood -Frontier-2012-04-27StaffHitachi MakotoScript
Gears of Dragoon ~Meikyuu no Uroboros~2013-01-25StaffHitachi MakotoScript
Venus Blood -Gaia-2013-11-29StaffHitachi MakotoScript
Venus Blood -Hypno-2014-11-28StaffHitachi MakotoScript
Gears of Dragoon 2 ~Reimei no Fragments~2016-01-29StaffHitachi MakotoScript
Venus Blood -Brave-2017-10-27StaffHitachi MakotoProduction script
Venus Blood -AfterDays- Episode:1 Taiyou no Shoujo2017-12-22StaffHitachi MakotoProduction script
Venus Blood -AfterDays- Episode:2 Kaze no Sou Ryuujin2017-12-22StaffHitachi MakotoProduction script
Venus Blood: Lagoon2018-12-28StaffHitachi MakotoProduction script
Venus Blood -AfterDays- Episode:3 Gouen no Hanayome2019-02-22StaffHitachi MakotoProduction script
Venus Blood -AfterDays- Episode:4 Ryuu no Utahime2019-02-22StaffHitachi MakotoProduction script
Venus Blood DarkChronicle Episode:1 Ochita Ryuu Shimai2019-02-22StaffHitachi MakotoProduction script
Venus Blood -AfterDays- Episode:5 Onsen'yado no Shugo Megami2020-10-23StaffHitachi MakotoProduction script
Venus Blood -AfterDays- Episode:6 Koukyuu no Zettai Kami2020-10-23StaffHitachi MakotoProduction Script
Venus Blood DarkChronicle Episode:2 Konton ni Ochiru Haha...2020-10-23StaffHitachi MakotoProduction Script
VenusBlood -AfterDays- Episode:7 Kyuusei no Ryuu Shoujo2022-05-13StaffHitachi MakotoProduction Script
VenusBlood DarkChronicle Episode:3 Ryuu Shoujo wa Ningyou...2022-05-13StaffHitachi MakotoProduction Script
VenusBlood -AfterDays- Episode:8 Kyuuketsu Koujo no Resor...2022-06-10StaffHitachi MakotoProduction Script
VenusBlood DarkChronicle Episode:4 Fushi no Shuujuu to Ze...2022-06-10StaffHitachi MakotoProduction Script